Wine created for music festival culture, drawing inspiration from the next big party capital — South Africa.

Project Type: Packaging, Social




Pinotage Rosé

Label Copy: Let Aja, patron of the forest, guide you as you explore your innermost sanctum. Allow the heady notes of floral aromas in this invigorating pinotage rosé to transport you. Simply imbibe from Aja's sobering spring and see the forest for the trees. 


Sauvignon Blanc

Label Copy: Indulge in Aja, spirit of the forest's rich bounty. This silky and floral drink of the gods promises to help you cross the threshold to experiences, new and exciting. So relax and cultivate a fresh and wonderful sense of self.


Cabernet Sauvignon

Label Copy: Aja, spirit of the forest and herbalist healer, beckons you. She invites you to experience her mastery of nature and imbibe her alchemical magic. Wait no longer. Awaken your senses with this bold and aromatic elixir.



Various profiles that organically interact with the brand.


Design: Raule Napier

Copy: Taylor Osborne